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A Message from the Founder

As a young entrepreneur I began in business at age 10, starting with my first business, the Neighborhood Candy House, in Compton, California. Even back then, at age 10, I was focused on providing quality service, a quality product, attuned to the times and the market, an almost obsessive focus on building relationships, and most of all, as I walked around my neighborhood at 10 years old in my three piece business suit handmade by my mother, I had an “excellence in everything” approach to business. Well, in many ways nothing much has changed in all these years, as this is essentially the exact same business principles applied to operating Bryant Group Companies, Inc. today. The only addition is an absolute requirement to “giving back,” or as I like to say, “doing well by doing good.”

Back in early 1992, Bryant Group and its then investor group actually backed the founding and launch of a now global financial literacy empowerment non-profit, now known around the world as Operation HOPE. With a $200,000 from me and Bryant Group, Operation HOPE has served more than 1.2 million low-wealth individuals throughout the US and around the world, and operating in 70 U.S. communities and South Africa, to date.

I strongly believe that in business today, not only can you “do well and do good,” and where possible, “do well by doing good,” but giving back and investing in your local communities is an absolute requirement in business strategy today. As a business leader, you are actively nurturing and helping to renew communities, and re-investing in your customers within those communities, which will in turn help your company to succeed even more in the future. No sustained communities, means no sustained customer base. I can come to learn that giving back not only feels good, it builds and strengthens your brand, it builds pride with and amongst your employees, it creates a different type of relationship with your ultimate customer, and at the end of the day, it simply makes good business sense. It is what I call, “enlightened self interest.”

Welcome to the world of Bryant Group Companies, Inc. Our business is empowerment.

Onward and with HOPE,

John Hope Bryant
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer